Super Green Crack Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I don't give anything a 10 until I've tried it for a month however, this stuff is great for actors trying to discover their character's motivations or a student for who's class is the most intellectually stimulating. Super Green Crack has all the benefits of loosing ones inhibitions while retaining all of your faculties and wits about you. Ad to this fact that it does not seam to effect the body with any laziness, re...”

  • “This is strong enough it should come with a warning. Whatever you do, don't mix it with hash or concentrate. You will end up wrestling with bisexual-gorilla-dragons that don't exist in this dimension.”

  • “Holy cow. First off I got really terrible looking stuff. It was just really really tiny nugs. If you looked closely they did look very dense with crystals. But otherwise not exactly eye catching. The taste is also not my favorite but that could be my piece right now. But the potency. Outstanding. True a very little bit goes a long long way. Never felt more energetic in my life. Just felt like an energy to just get...”

  • “Certainly on of the best sativas, I give this strain a solid 9. Right up there with Green Ribbon. The buds were huge and tight and full of trichomes. Full of energy and will make last an hour plus.”

  • “My bud tender at Newport Mesa recommended it to me for the effects however the flavor is amazing. I hate smoking and only use a vaporizer. This medicine is great to help you do tasks without stressing out. This strain is great for relieving stress while providing creative thinking and an uplifting effect. Very fine medicine. The flavor profile is only a bonus. This is my day time function medicine. For night time...”

  • “This was a rare find at a local dispensary a while back and I haven't been able to track it down since. I saved a show-nug because it was quite possibly the most beautiful herb I've ever seen. The buds looked like rocks, but so much more extreme and pronounced than normal GC. Big, dense, hair-covered oval shaped rocks. The effect was by far the most stimulating cannabis I have ever smoked. I picked this up in th...”

  • “High is very low key yet uplifting and energetic. Still able to perform well in intellectual tasks (studying, learning). Like many sativas, weak but very enjoyable.”

  • “New medical user and I've tried about 12 different types so far and this one is turning out to be my favorite. Does just what I need it to do. Good amount of head high and just enough in my body so I can still do stuff lol... So yeah, try this for sure :)”