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This is my first cannabis strain review. I am a medical cannabis user from Germany. I use Cannabis to treat my epilepsy, because even after trying 5 different medication, I still had bad seizures. I first tried to treat the seizures by my own, with weed bought from the streets, and it helped me a lot. Every time I had an seizures I smoked like one gram and I had no more seizures for the next 2 days. Then I asked my doctor because I didn’t want to buy shit from the street anymore. (Mostly I bought nice stuff, Grapefruit, Lemon Haze, some Skunk Strains, but also a lot of bad Weed). First we tried out the strain : Bedrolite, which has only 1% THC but therefore a lot of CBD. They gave it to me granulated, it was like dust and therefor not smokeable and it was just to „light“ for me. Now I ordered this strain Argyle and I have to say that this strain is very potent !! In my opinion as potent as some very high THC strains. But it makes you very tired, so in my opinion Argyle is not a strain for day over use, but for a seizure free night it is perfect :) does someone know an awaking Sativa strain, which is good to treat epilepsy ?

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