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You are five. Yes, five years old. And you just had a lot of candy. No, no, a BUTTLOAD of candy! And everybody knows what happens to kids on sugar, right? Well, you don’t because you’re five, but you’re about to find out in... 3… 2… 1… The brain has now succumb to the possibilities. The explosion of energy expands from the mind where it travels rapidly down your spine delivering euphoric goodness throughout your body. Any tension in the muscles is lifted. Your head begins to swell with endless ideas. What do you do with them all? Which idea is the best? Then, you realize… They’re all the best. And you can definitely do them all. You quickly throw on your hockey mask and chest piece. And nothing else. You don’t need much when you’re a GORILLA! Ooo Ooh *bang on the chest* Ooh Ooh. Eat a banana! Aww yea! That’s the stuff. Throw it on the ground! You take off the hockey gear. You’re now swimming underwater. Hi fishies! Oh wow, you can talk to fishies, like Dory! Wait… what was I reviewing? You jump off the mountain and soar through the sky like a pterodactyl. No, you ARE a pterodactyl. No! A velociraptor. NO! A T-REX! RAAAAAWWWWRRR!! But wait T-Rexes can’t fly. You fall to the ground and hurt your butt. You go to rub it, but your arms are too short. You know what that means! It’s time to bring Captain Helper-Guy to the rescue. You throw off your street clothes disguise and toss on your signature blue suit with silver tips. You are HERE TO SAVE THE DAAAAY! (yes, it must be said like this or it doesn’t count) Your heart pure with goodness. Your eyes narrow like a hawk. You see all. You feel all. You help all. But what’s this?! Oh no, not your only weakness. Not… a bedtime! Mom turns off the lights. As you lie there, the sugar begins to wear off. Luckily, you had that good-good kind of sugar, so you aren’t left with a crash and burn. Instead, you slowly descend all lolly jolly like with a grin on your face.