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Avatar for St James

Another CRESCO RESERVE and deservedly so!!Creaco puts out some amazing concentrates for Pa patients, some so coveted when they are available. People like me HOARD 10 of em !!!! This is perfect for all kinds of pain,,neuro, muscular, skeletal. Arthritis, other connectivity disorders, 8 blown vertebrae and not many options left..Big PHARMA s poison ... well we do have a choice ismsuch strains as this....in Crasxo,s Reserve, along with Joliet Jake, and other great strains these are made for one or two bloomings n that’s it... They are the crime de le creme!!! This is perfect for anything from PMS to neurological pain. It’s worth the extra money and should u feel real bad 1/3of a cartridge should guarantee you a sandwich, then a nice 8 hour pain free nap...... GOD THANK you for Indicas!!!!! This belong in a box in your closet n you tell NOONE ypu have it....if ya look at my other reviews you’ll find some great friends like BLUEBERRRY, CRITICAL MASS waiting for your approval. I just wanna be pain free so any suggestions are sincerely appreciated....NOW go get TWO of these....one for tonight, one to put away for fall!!!!!! Peace Stajames

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