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Avatar for DrGalt

I have a undiagnosable neurological/muscular disorder. My muscles contract in small spasms, full body, 24/7. Over six years of trying different strains, finding something for the day has been difficult. Let me say that I dose myself during the day so that I can function. As a profession I day-trade. Modest dosage of this strain not only gives me pain relief but makes my muscles feel like they are relaxed more than any other "day time" strain I have found. In addition, I have not experienced a let down of tiredness like many other strains. In addition, it provides me with focus, clarity, creativity and clear thinking that permits me to make the type of decisions and reactions needed to day trade. Two things I have to watch: reacting to the market correctly and not making bad decisions because my thinking is influenced by being to euphoric, happy etc. Secondly, I use heavy indica strains at night and have found most indica dominant daytime strains to cause problems difficult to describe pain in my muscles. For me, so far, this strain offers me hope for a more normal life, very pleased and hope it continues to work as it has since starting it recently.