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Avatar for Shpongolian

I honestly would probably give this 2 stars, but I acknowledge that some of the effects it has are probably more up other people's alleys than what I'm looking for. I picked this up because of the description making it sound like Blue Dream. I've never had Blue Dream and still hope to some day, but I highly doubt this is very similar. This strain is pretty low in THC. I felt like I could smoke and smoke it and all that happened was I'd get more and more tired. Every time I smoked I tried to look for any particular effect, but I only ever just felt generically high. But little else. To be fair, I will say it gives a pretty solid creativity boost. I'm a musical guy and haven't written music in a long while, but I kept getting these musical themes and ideas in my head and would try to follow them to their conclusion. That was a pretty cool effect, I will say. Too bad I didn't write anything out! A stoner, indeed. I guess an upside due to it being so mild is that there is very low potential for paranoia or anxiety. In terms of munchies, I'd say it's like a 3/5. I will say this is one of the better smelling strains I've had. It smelled like laundry detergent, which to me is a good thing! I'm generally not a depressed or down kind of guy, but I did have one night where I felt like everything rained down on me suddenly (while high, of course). I split this strain with a friend, and weeks after we had both finished it we were talking about how we felt about the strain and he reported he had almost the same experience. That's about all there is to say about this strain. I'd only really recommend picking it up if you have writer's block or are looking to get into some sort of creative task.

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