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Durban Poison reviews

Read people’s experiences with the cannabis strain Durban Poison.


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2300 people reported 15433 effects
Energetic 57%
Uplifted 56%
Happy 51%
Euphoric 46%
Creative 42%
Stress 30%
Depression 25%
Anxiety 22%
Pain 17%
Fatigue 15%
Dry mouth 21%
Dry eyes 12%
Anxious 6%
Paranoid 5%
Dizzy 4%


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3 days ago
I would highly recommend this for a person who wants to have a lot of thought and get a lot of things done but also but happy and be in a euphoric state. I would smoke this before I went to a event I didn’t want to be at and it made the event so much more enjoyable.
October 10, 2020
A great daytime smoke. I had been smoking Indica days before. Woke up smoked up a bowl of this, got shit done. Cleaning & chores was kinda fun... Gave me a great feeling of relaxation too, a clear head and the giggles a few times. Helped with back pain. A new favourite.
2 people found this helpful
October 9, 2020
Very solid strain not a personal favorite. Definately a top tier sativa bc it doesn’t rlly all go to my head and i can chill without getting tired. not too heavy but definately a pretty good feeling . Overall 7.4/10 batch was 8.5/10
October 2, 2020
Review from homegrown crop Probably harvested way to early, 9 weeks as here is spoken of +12 weeks. The plant itself is wonderful and beautifully purple, easy grow indoors without much hastle. My dryed buds smell very flowery, I had never smelled this scent before and is hard to describe. Broken up I am greeted with a licorice scent. Taste is verry mild, not your "typical" weed flavor. Personally I like it less, can't describe it. The high is nice. It hits right away and I need music, anything with soul and able to dance to! My Durban makes me very emotional in a transcendant kind of way (like the kind of way you get when consuming psylocibene, but but lighter). Def a strain to be creative to. No paranoia, social anxiety also gone. Pain?... It also makes me sleepy at the landing point. As mine was harvested to soon and I smoke a lot of medicine (I think I have not yet experienced its full potential). One of my next grows will def contain the African strain "kwazulu", I am very curious about this one.
1 person found this helpful
September 27, 2020
my number #1 favorite Sativa of all time ! this strain & Bruce Banner #3 are my two all time favorite strains on Earth. the best strain I love more than anything is Bio - Star that's exclusive at High Level Health Colorado. the dispensary on Lincoln doesn't have it often & it goes super fast when it comes in lol ,it's won numerous awards including 2014 Colorado Cannabis Cup Champ, but when you get some it's well worth it. same goes for their cut of GSC. it's world class all day. 💯‼️ Strawberry Cough is up there too on the list. oh & also High Level Health has some of the best Indica flower not just in Colorado but the Universe. when Colorado first legalized weed in 2014 the first strain I bought was Durban Poison! it was 30%thc 🔥. where I had moved from in 2011 that would have cost me $20 a gram but in Colorado you could get an eighth for $30. I never knew what strain I was getting before weed was legalized & you didn't have a choice quite frankly. if you didnt know the person well you might wait a long time for them to come back or they might not come back at all & there goes your money. thank Goodness for Legalization of Marijuana. I suffer from TBI & PTSD & it helps tremendously with those symptoms for me anyway. every one is different but anyway, Durban Poison still to this day is #1 Sativa in the World.
September 26, 2020
A sincerely great wake n’ bake strain. A long lasting high that keeps you focused and motivated. Brings functioning stoner to boss level.
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