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Bee's Knees? Cat's Pajamas? Although these are incredibly accurate, they do not come close to encompassing my view on Gorilla Glue. When sir Smokes-a-lot gets a pound of Mr. Nice Guy's sweetest cheeba, he immediately notes how he can "smell it through the bag, baby". Well, if you're within 10 yards of this flower, your sense of smell will be climaxing from the sweet piny spice of those little green buds that you just wanna shove them in your mouth and eat them so much, awwwww CRAP........I just licked my computer screen......The effects are unreal chill, and take away my chronic back pain. In fact, sometimes I feel like it takes my back away completely. The sativa effect is most noted in my experience starting out pretty heavy. I noticed this when I was in the bathroom upstairs in my office, of which my wife has been trying to get me to keep the door shut (even when no one is in there). Her solution to get me to remember? To booby trap me with a computer keyboard outside the door, so I would trip and remember to close the door. Not the coolest thing she's ever done, but very effective. I got to thinking, I'm 35 and I remember getting in trouble for messing with the family Apple IIe without permission because my parents thought I would break it somehow. And those things were indestructible, I mean I'm pretty sure I remember having an entire dinner plate firmly inserted into the floppy drive at one point, and that didn't even void the warranty. Nowadays, technology has apparently become so advanced, and electronics have become so common that we are willing to use their components as booby traps to teach our spouses lessons, so we can hopefully save a few cents a month on our electric bill. As I sat there pondering this after inhaling the beautiful pharmaceutical knows as "Gorilla Glue", it occurred to me - This stuff was 100% legit. Not the inconsiderate type of weed that we all smoked in high school because it was the best stuff around at the time. You know, the kind where you're headed out with friends so you pack a bowl at your buddy's parents' house who were out of town before you go out for the night. Then once you're stoned and ready to leave, you gotta wait on your buddy to finish his turkey sandwich, then you start to wish you had snuck another hit or two in the rotation because you're already starting to come down and get the yawns. NO, GG#4 is the kind of considerate weed that holds the door for your mom, texts you on your birthday, and if you spend the night and fall asleep on the couch early - covers you up with a blanket so you don't wake cold. GG hangs with you for the perfect amount of time - doesn't cut out early like your buddies after you have a party at your place who conveniently have to leave right before clean up time. No, GG is there for you. Making sure you are taken care of. Until it lets me down, it's my go to strain. Taste - UNREAL Smell - OFF THE CHARTS Effects - TOTALLY KILLER What more are you really looking for? If you want something that will put you to sleep, this isn't it. If you want something that will give you a full body buzz and no cerebral euphoria, try knocking on some Indica's door, because this gift from God will take you to some untouched realms of your internal psyche and you'll be better for it. But as Lavar Burton used to tell me after Reading Rainbow, - You don't have to take my word for it.