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Avatar for QGQUE

Pink Cookies is a extreme rarity! it isn't pink, it's not the best fragrance and it isn't the worst. Pink Cookies texture is a comfortable chunky with semi-rich earth tone colors and a floral, earth, exotic fruit aroma before being lit. After lighting the Pink Cookies, the aroma shifts to a deep sensual earth fragrance with the effects being in the 90% range of euphoria (mental) with calm, focused, sociable, self-enlightening, energetic, open-minded, and semi sexual effects and 10% body with a light body feel of almost elevating while being still or moving, also some physical sensitivity when touched in a positive way just make sure you are with some one you find attractive on a mutual level or if you're relaxing your mind and letting your conscious flow by yourself. I sincerely really, highly, like this stain. it is in my top 5 of my top ten because of the deep rich euphoric effect it provides!