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Avatar for MrX

Purple Mr. Nice is a wonderful strain for medical users looking for pain relief. Dosages on a bong seems to be: One hit for decent relief witht he ability to still focus and maintain a steady flow of everyday life. Two hits and you will have no pain, but you are giving up the ability to venture off too far. Three hits and you are your morning toast, you are stoned and a smile is forced onto your face by this infamously happy cannabis. For the medical users looking for something suited for antidepressant effect, this is your strain with just a single dose. Chronic spine pain sufferers or musculoskeletal diseases, this is your strain for two or three hits. If you're the seasoned veteran then you could still function on two or three hits BUT you will be extremely calm, relaxed, and loose. The intense body rush may initially spur you to get up and do something (thanks to the GDP father), but that energy will soon fade as you succumb to the numbing Mr. Nice Guy buzz with it's classical lazy and euphoric high. The amount of taste in this premium strain is impressive, as it should be. The lineage of this plant follows GDP, G-13, and the Hash Plant. The taste has the sweet grape flavor but it is deeper and darker due to the excessive resin produced by the plant. These buds smell so sweet and hashy that you can almost taste the smoke as you smell it. The buds themselves are dense and sticky, the crystals are inside the bud once you break it. The smell will also intensify once the bud is broken and MAN does it wreak in the BEST way possible =] I use the bong as a dosage standard, but this strain is great for rolling so long as it isn't too fresh (yes, too fresh exists). It will be so sticky that once you finally have it rolled and lit, you'll have to torch that thing to keep it lit, THAT is how resinous this strain can be when too fresh. Once dry enough this will provide for one of the smoothest smoking and most tasty joints you'll have. One may be reminded of Blueberry if they've had the pleasure. This smoke is a great all day smoke if you're going by the one hit standard. If you go more than this, expect to feel tired and lazy as you come down from the effects. The more you have in a single sitting, the harder you will crash later, as is true with many hashy and resinous strains. I hope you've enjoyed this review, but I hope you enjoy the herbature adventure from this supreme cannabis even more! God's Speed! & Sincerely Yours ~ Mr. X