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Avatar for CrazyDancingCripple

It’s another new favorite. I smoked enough to get my dance attitude on, about one and a half of my one-hitter. I hadn’t gotten too far before I felt like everyone in town was dancing with me. When the song “Celebration” came on, I knew that was the song for this strain. Physically speaking, I have MS and use a wheelchair. I smoked about 2.5 loads of my one-hitter, and I’ll smoke more when I finish this review. My pain is definitely muted, and my spasms better, but not completely gone. I blame the fact that I was up all night and didn’t get off my ass, more than the pain/spasm reduction of weed. Any strain can only do so much. This strain was probably a large part of why I was up all night. It’s definitely a stativa. I enjoyed every painful minute of it though! Sitting in any chair, even a wheelchair, for an extended amount of time hurts. This strain definitely helped me to ignore the pain though. Anyway, I’m rambling, which is another thing this strain is great for, and another reason why I didn’t sleep much last night, I was on the phone half the time. This is a strain I’m going to make note of to grab when it comes around.

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