Sativa Cannabis Strains

About Sativas

Sativa plants can grow upwards of 25 feet tall but most stay under 12 feet. Light green leaves that are long and thin, the stereotypical marijuana icon. The high from sativa strains are often described as uplifting and energetic. These are great for daytime use and a favorite for medicinal users because of the pain relief properties.

Sativa Aca Acapulco Gold
Sativa Aic Alaskan Ice
Sativa Alw Alice in Wonderland
Sativa Aw Allen Wrench
Sativa Alo Aloha
Sativa Am Amnesia
Sativa Amh Amnesia Haze
Sativa Ag Arabian Gold
Sativa Asi Asian Fantasy
Sativa B11 Bay 11
Sativa Bay Bay Dream
Sativa Brk Berkeley
Sativa Bkd Black Diesel
Sativa Bbu Blue Bayou
Sativa Blu Blue Satellite
Sativa Bhz Brainstorm Haze
Sativa Caj Candy Jack
Sativa Cah Cannalope Haze
Sativa Cat Cat Piss
Sativa Cw Charlotte's Web
Sativa Chc Chocolope
Sativa Cg Colombian Gold
Sativa Cj Cracker Jack
Sativa Crc Crystal Coma
Sativa Dja Django
Sativa Dd Double Diesel
Sativa Drg Dr. Grinspoon
Sativa Dp Durban Poison
Sativa Ddg Dutch Dragon
Sativa Dut Dutch Hawaiian
Sativa Fh Fire Haze
Sativa Frb Frostbite
Sativa Gsa G Stik "Amarillo"
Sativa Gro G Stik "Rosado"
Sativa Gth Ghost Train Haze
Sativa Gw Goldwing
Sativa Grf Grapefruit
Sativa Gca Green Candy
Sativa Gc Green Crack
Sativa Gce Green Crack Extreme
Sativa Gbl Green Goblin
Sativa Gnz Green Haze
Sativa Haw Hawaiian
Sativa Had Hawaiian Diesel
Sativa Hhz Hawaiian Haze
Sativa Has Hawaiian Sativa
Sativa Hs Hawaiian Snow
Sativa H Haze
Sativa Hw Haze Wreck
Sativa Hem Hempstar
Sativa Hgc Hydro Green Crack
Sativa Iss Island Sweet Skunk
Sativa J27 J-27
Sativa Jh Jack Herer
Sativa Jsk Jack Skellington
Sativa Jwr Jack Wreck
Sativa Jdr Jamaican Dream
Sativa Jl Jamaican Lion
Sativa Jp Jamaican Pearl
Sativa Jg Jean Guy
Sativa Jt Johnny’s Tonic
Sativa Kab Kaboom
Sativa Km Kali Mist
Sativa Kf Killing Fields
Sativa Kb King's Bread
Sativa Lb Lamb's Bread
Sativa Lgb Laughing Buddha
Sativa Lmg Lemon G
Sativa Lh Lemon Haze
Sativa Lj Lemon Jack
Sativa Lst Lemon Sativa
Sativa Lth Lemon Thai
Sativa Lmh Lime Haze
Sativa Mak Mako Haze
Sativa Mal Malawi
Sativa Mnd Mango Dream
Sativa Mau Maui
Sativa Mw Maui Waui
Sativa Mxs Mexican Sativa
Sativa Mob Moby Dick
Sativa Mf Mother’s Finest
Sativa Nw Nevil's Wreck
Sativa Ocd OCD
Sativa Og OG
Sativa Out Outer Space
Sativa Otl Outlaw
Sativa Pam Panama Red
Sativa Pan Pandora's Box
Sativa Pnt Pineapple Thai
Sativa Phz Poison Haze
Sativa Ph Purple Haze
Sativa Q3 Q3
Sativa Qle Qleaner
Sativa Raf Rafael
Sativa Rc Red Congolese
Sativa Rhz Red Haze
Sativa Ren Rene
Sativa Rbk Root Beer Kush
Sativa Sns Sage N Sour
Sativa Shr Schrom
Sativa Sea Seattle Cough
Sativa Sea Seattle Cough
Sativa Shm Shaman
Sativa Shl Shangri La OG
Sativa Shp Shipwreck
Sativa Slv Silver Haze
Sativa Sk1 Skunk #1
Sativa Sch Sour Chocolate
Sativa Sd Sour Diesel
Sativa Sf Sour Flower
Sativa Shz Sour Haze
Sativa Stg Sour Tangie
Sativa Spn Space Needle
Sativa Str Strawberry
Sativa Spl Sugar Plum
Sativa Scp Super Cat Piss
Sativa Sgc Super Green Crack
Sativa Ss Super Silver Haze
Sativa Spd Super Snow Dog
Sativa Ssd Super Sour Diesel
Sativa Sw Sweet Diesel
Sativa Tng Tangie
Sativa Tha Thai
Sativa Th Thai Haze
Sativa Tim Timewreck
Sativa Tpd Triple Diesel
Sativa Twi Twista
Sativa Utw Ultimate Trainwreck
Sativa Vog Venice OG
Sativa Vbh Very Berry Haze
Sativa Vdo Voodoo
Sativa Vor Vortex
Sativa Woh Waipi'o Hapa
Sativa Wln Willie Nelson
Sativa Wnk Willy Wonka
Sativa Yg Y Griega
Variety S Sativa

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