Pink Lemonade Live Rosin Melon Ring 1g

HybridTHC 18%CBD —
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About this brand

Logo for the brand Lowell Herb Co.
Lowell Herb Co.
At Lowell Farms, we’re not just obsessed with cannabis. Rather, we’re obsessed with where cannabis can take you. That’s what drives everything we do.

With a pack of Smokes in your pocket, you’re free to focus on where you want to go. It holds the promise of building bridges between people, blazing new trails and sparking imagination.

For us, the journey starts on our California farm. There, tucked away in America’s Salad Bowl, our plants are exposed to fresh, open air in our greenhouse. Our farm crew carefully nurtures each plant with natural materials that blend together the finest that Mother Nature has to offer.

It’s hard work to cultivate cannabis that’s this special and easy to enjoy. But we proudly do it the hard way, because we believe you can see, smell, taste and feel the difference – that’s the Farmer’s Way.

So go ahead and enjoy, because nothing smokes like a Lowell.
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