Balmoral Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “this review was written under the influence of Balmoral. The high is nice and mellow without being overpowering. The taste is cheesy with earthy notes. I smoked this strain for depression and social anxiety and I feel more relaxed and my head is clear. this is is the strain if you just want relax and not get to stoned to function”

  • “This pressed beautifully into rosin with a high output. Pretty stinky (cheesy) with a decent high and relaxing effect- definitely a good balance between indica and sativa with this one. Acquired from Tweed's THC collector's pack.”

  • “It's alright 7/10”

  • “THC content is good. I give it to them. But taste wise..... It taste pretty bad. No cheese flavor, nothing. Smooth but there is a strange flavor when I smoke it. Tweed flavor should I say? Product is dried. Not bone dried. It doesn't crumble when you squeeze it. But more on the dried side. If you don't care much about taste but potency only, this is a great product. I am too much of a connoisseur that I c...”

  • “It says it supposed to be good for pain. However I smoked it during my menstrual cramps and it didn't do much for the pain. :(((( When I wasn't in pain it gave me an nice light head buzz, but nothing impressive. 👎🏼”

  • “Taste: Pleasant,Earthy,Pine Smokes : Smooth High: Uplifting, Happy, Long Lasting Cons: Dry Mouth Outcome: Will Buy Again”

  • “Live this bud!”

  • “Meh, maybe Tweed should try some different phenotypes.”