Banana OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Banana OG. Where do I start? Potency is sky high. Not a strain you want to smoke when you have stuff to do. Doesn't put you to sleep as much as it just makes you feel comatose. Lets you live in your own head for a bit, very introspective yet no anxiety! This is a strain you smoke and then tell a complete stranger your complicated theories on the origins of life lol. Flavors are strong in this order: Bananas, t...”

  • “Fast, potent come on that's immensely pleasurable to roll with! It feels good, with a cuddly euphoria that's blissful, at ease, and cool. A persistent clarity keeps you grounded and casually in control. Good confidence and empathy, making connecting with people and art an intimate experience that effects your core to a physical degree. Things have a significance, visuals are richly nuanced and colorful - fun to get l...”

  • “This is a wonderful strain. Tastes great from a desktop vaporizer. Very slight hint of banana. Produces a thick vapor. The best thing about this strain is that it's very relaxing without any sedative effects! I feel present, aware, and relaxed yet very alert. In fact, I've been doing some work at home and it's helped me to stay focused. It's a keeper.”

  • “As far as taste and smell, it's not my favorite. But it does smell like a banana—so it does its name justice. This strain is definitely a creeper so let it sink in before you get ahead of yourself. The high is mostly a nice spacey head high.Very relaxing, I feel like butter melting on top of a stack of pancakes. This strain is a heavy indica dominant. I'd definitely recommend this for insomnia.”

  • “In 5 words- I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS STRAIN! The effects are very euphoric. I got no anxiety from it and felt light weight and "fluffy" so to speak. Comparable to taking a pain medication like Vicodin or oxycodone. Very effective in reliving back pain from scoliosis. I laughed a lot and still am. I got a smile on my face and can't manage to stop smiling. 😊 I have a nice relaxed head buzz. Gives you motivation and ener...”

  • “After a long day of work I was in the mood to do some dabs. Apperance wise it has a golden honey color base with a slight maple brown tint in it. It has that usual distinct wax smell that kind of reminds me of kief, but it also has of a sweet overtone to it. After taking the dab it almost immediately hit me, it started out as a mellow high, but then began to hit me in waves and turned into a deep relaxing high that l...”

  • “Look past the taste, because this is one potent painkiller strain. Excellent head buzz with the sativa effects- focused enough to concentrate (in fact can *really* 'zero in' with this strain) but has an excellent 'spaced' quality that allows for seriously enhanced audio/visual entertainment. Definitely a great strain for movie watching, artistic activites, outdoor... music is especially pleasurable. A pair of h...”

  • “Banana Split - Geeeez man this is a weird strain. To me its a powerhouse sativa. Got me having weird dreams. Paranoid on 1000x. I was tweaking”