Black Jack Reviews

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  • “This is by far one of my favorite strains of cannabis of all time. For the entire weight of the flower after trimmed and cured... the sheer wieght of the trichomes account for a large % of the exact weight. It's oder is not changed upon combustion and you exhale the same oderferous flavor that is inhaled and not often is that achived, namely with hybrids. This has a slew of genetics that will dazzle the entire cannab...”

  • “This strain makes me super active. I like to smoke this, put on some music, and clean the house. Yes, it makes cleaning "fun," but with the changed sense of time you may be cleaning that toilet for 10 minutes. Makes me feel kind of jittery - like I want to move, but not anxious. I can focus, but also kind of deep space at the same time. I also get pretty warm smoking this stain.”

  • “Being a slightly pricey "Tier 1" strain from the dispensary, I decided that my last bowl from my small stash of Black Jack would be well spend. I loaded up the "History of the Eagles" on Netflix and loaded up my Pax 2 with the green, crystally bud I had ground up. Black Jack carries a light, grassy aroma that is hardly noticeably, and by paying attention, you can hints of sweet pine in the flavor. After 10 hits or so...”

  • “Got some BlackJack because I was looking for some purp and this strain had really deep purple buds. Looked beautiful in my grinder. Looked even better in my blunt. The high lasted forever but its not a couch lock stone.”

  • “Shatter form Black Jack is killer tasty potent stuff! Sooooooo good! 5 Stars with out a doubt! This is shatter produced by the company Pure Concentrates. It is a beautiful amber honey color. It has more of a pull and snap consistency. If you just pull is slowly it strings out. The taste is unbelievable! It has that usual oil/concentrate/terpy kinda taste that I feel all oils have in common, but I can undoubtedly...”

  • “Black Jack oh damn 21! Just an all around amazing bud, blackjack combines 2 heavy strains Black Domina a heavy heavy indica mixed with the extreme sativa Jack Herer crossing these two together is going to produce very dense buds wrapped in light orange hairs and frosted all over, she produces a very pungent type smell, almost like a straight haze with a touch of pungent cheese, with the combo of a straight indica an...”

  • “My newest favorite in the hybrid family. Reggie Blackwater”

  • “Coming off of a short tolerance break I had a couple bowls of this and then settled down for video games. I was relaxed yet I could still focus and had the energy to grind for quite awhile. great for staying up late during the weekends”