Blues Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Pretty standard, good high horrible taste an smell. Gives us a headache”

  • “Unknown by origin Blues is unofficially only found in the UK however it is one of the rarest to find this indica heavy hybrid as it is mainly sold up North but make no mistake this green is sure to send you into a relaxed state of euphoria!”

  • “Grew out this strain. It is a stout strong plant that only just doubles in height after stretch. With thick chunky nugs that are as tough as golfballs, thanks to its particular style of rubbery resin. The smell and taste are the same, comprising of deep mature cheese with hints of berry topped off with asian spices. A well rounded head to toe stone with little ceiling high that will drift you off to a perfect sleep.”

  • “This weed IS amazing DEPENDING on the grower , I see people saying it tastes horrible and gives you a headache , yes because you had shitty blues . like I said it all depends on the grower , Personally I hate Blues but sometimes I get some of a certain person and its always good stuff”

  • “Those blues clones still comin from the north of the uk init......Very nice smell and taste, these particular buds tho are a average 6.5/7 outta 10 due to eger muppet growers! Still its a Q thatll get me thru...”

  • “I have tried this particular strain many times and don't really remember any bad side effects (with the exception of that couch-locking/laziness feeling that always occurs when smoking it). However, I recently purchased some and all I got was a full-blown panic attack. I felt happy before smoking it and there was no reason for me to have any anxiety. I do suffer from anxiety disorder but I can't even remember the l...”

  • “This is not blue cheese, such a head high and is a very sativa like strain but this such a pungent smell!”

  • “beautiful stuff if your lucky enough to get hold. nasty stink almost chemical. amonia x berries love it. dont plan on getting off the couch though ;)”