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Booger Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Very dense, sweet, sticky, skunky nugs. Darker leaves, but bright trich's blanket the buds. Satisfying, appealing aroma isn't matched, but yet accompanied by a sweet taste. That of fruity pebbles, or sherbert. Head high is minimal at first, with the heaviness being that of the indica. From head to toes, deep relaxation creeps in, leaving a sedated effect. With that, the sativa creeps and becomes more noticeable. Tru...”

  • “Picked up @ SWELL Farmacy in Youngtown,AZ Great stain don't let the name fool these are some GREAT BOOGER's to Indulge in! Booger Strawberry Cough with the Pre-98 Bubba is amazing! Smell's of Strawberry's w Coffee earthy undertones. Bottom line smell's amazing. The first taste WOW Medium Strawberry/Earthy/Kush Effect's duration of 1:30 maybe ? Great for out n about function's.Very relaxing n uplifting anxiety relie...”

  • “Booger Flower from Swell 😍 sweet grapefruit scent and yummy taste. you can see the 'red hairs' in the buds similar to it's mama Strawberry Cough and it has the yummy sweet taste that Purps and OGs give like it's papa BuBa kush. It was labeled as Sativa which I never by... but it was so yummy one gram to try and I'd get it. again for a great day time strain to feel sweet, happy and ready to do something. I have incre...”

  • “Some really great medication. I picked booger to write the review on but I could easy write a review on any strain they have. Every bud has its own uniqeness. Unlike all the other dispensaries that have a bunch of the same boo boo make sure you go to swell farmacy so you can see for yourself.”

  • “jumped to #1 in my book..with the sour skittles smell and taste is equally impressives as the smell... awesome dank...”

  • “Tried it again through a small pipe and wow I am impressed. This is for sure a must have for being in public or wanting to be functional and relaxed. It also makes me crazy horny.”

  • “Get this now! That being said. if you like super fucking thick fucking smoke that is Powerfully Pungent and leaves a delightfully heady blissfully citrus feel in the nostrils and on the taste buds that is reminiscent of sitting in chair on the beach eating a mango and receiving oral pleasure simultaneously. Swell indeed.”

  • “One of the best strains available with an incredible smell of sweet pine forests. t The smoke is never harsh and always delivers a pleasant tasteful smoke that will knock your socks off! Booger hits hard and lasts long. Whether you like a cerebral high or need heavy body relaxation, booger provides everything you could ask for. Booger provides the best détente from whatever ails you! Sit back and Enjoy!”