Cactus Cooler Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I enjoy spending my Sunday nights dabbing that good ole Cactus Cooler. It makes me feel like a milli bucks and gives me the motivation to rock some socks in the octagon. The flavor reminds me of eating a raw cactus mixed with buttered popcorn.”

  • “This stuff smells incredible. Rich orange-citrus and piney christmas tree notes. A lovely balanced cerebral & body high that allows me to either sink into the couch and watch a movie, or get up and get going. I love the creative focus this strain gives me without even a hint of anxiety. Great for reading!”

  • “#lumpyflowers Cactus Coolers, Ultra Collective in SD reopened and i saw this on the top shelf and just had to have it. Everything from the aroma and taste is exactly like the drink it's named after. Great sativa hybrid buzzzzzz!!!”

  • “I love this strain. I love nothing more than waking up, grab a wonderful cup of coffee, and then bust the fattest nastiest terpiest dab known to all mankind. get up on my level...bro”

  • “This strain rocks it! 😨I'll b awake all night! Better Rock this one in the daytime, kids! Newbies beware! 😤”

  • “Great strain from great parents! Nice head buzz. Nice focus.”

  • “Currently writing this review while up on cactus cooler. stuff is good, real good. would def recommend if you’re looking for good stuff at a good price.”

  • “This strain was my first and it's always a nostalgic high to come back to. Love to pack a fat bowl with my buddies and blast some music.”