Cannatonic Reviews

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  • “Cannatonic is a very unique strain, from my experience. I usually smoke THC dominant bud, whether it be a heavy Indica or a daytime Sativa. This is true medicinal marijuana, though. Cannatonic has very little psychoactive effect. For some, that is a negative, but for some it is a major and strain defining positive. This certainly isn't recreational weed. It isn't going to get you stoned or high. This is just pure ...”

  • “I've been using Cannatonic for over 2 years now. It's the perfect medicine for me. I initially used it for relief of my migraines. It does a great job with that. A couple of hits from my vaporizer, and the migraine is stopped. I used to have a minimum of 1 migraine a week... now I have had about 3 migraines in 2 years. I also found that it helped with my anxiety, and I have completely gone off of meds that I used fo...”

  • “Strain is so good for pain relief during the day when I have a a lot of number crunching to do (programming C++). It is the equivalent to having my thoughts put on a pair of glasses and the mind shifts focus. At the same time you are not all "Psychoactived" up. I hope more 1:1 strains will appear. It is clearly beneficial for us who don't like to be "high" just for the pain relief. I'm sure if I take a megadose I'd...”

  • “I am a fan of high CBD strains. My favorite far and above is Blue Jay Way, (not yet listed on a close second is Cannatonic from Goddess Delivers, Hollywood. Smoking Cannatonic flower has a stimulating and focusing effect for me while calming my anxiety and reducing pain from Cerebral Palsy. It is a good daytime medication, because I remain alert while at ease and can carry on with my day. At night I take...”

  • “This is my go-to for anxiety and PTSD. I can maintain my energy levels, while grounding myself. Makes me feel more connected to the world, instead of my usual routine of mentally floating around. Best of all, I become more functional and focused.”

  • “Strain Details: THC = .7% CBD = 16.7% I have major issues with hypertension, anxiety, depression, degenerative joints/cartilage (and the inflammation and pain that goes along with it). Cannatonic is the only available medication that is high CBD and low THC within my state. It's the CBD that actively makes me feel healthier and happier, even when it's not in my system. The effects continue on even after use, as t...”

  • “Cannatonic, what an absolutely beautiful medicine. For those seeking pain relief and mental focus without the psychoactive feeling in the brain then Cannatonic will be an excellent choice for you. With its 50/50 hybrid nature ADD/ADHD patients will praise Cannatonic for its ability to let you focus on anything at hand. To those patients suffering from Anxiety you will greatly appreciate its ability to even you out w...”

  • “Always been a huge favorite. As a chronic pain and seizure patient this strain knocks all that out with it's enormous 15% CBD count. Low on the THC side usually between 7% and 13% so if you're going for something heady this isn't for you. If you are uncomfortable with feeling "high" but would still like to try to benefit from cannabis this would be a strain for you to start with.”