Captain's Cake Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “If you see Captain's Cake...TRY IT! This unique strain is both beautiful and powerful. A 70/30 indica lean, this strain's sativa shines when smoked in low doses. When smoked in higher doses, this will provide for a cerebral body high (if that makes sense). Last night I cheefed a 1g joint of cake after dinner and felt like it was laced with coke or some crazy sh*t. I was manic almost as if I had taken stimulants. ...”

  • “Capatain's Cake is a heavyweight strain for heavyweights. You can smell it's OG parents on her; faint earthy pine with woody undertones. On the exhale you can really taste the GSC; reminiscent of one of those old school Christmas cookies. I almost forgot the best part: the high. It's a buzz that crushes anxiety under its heavy handed euphoria. This bud is potent enough that you only need to smoke a few hits and tast...”

  • “Thank you!! Finally something that works, I feel like I can't actually get that silly Stoney feeling with many strains since I have been medicating , I think my tolerance has skyrocket but just smoked some CC and yay a much needed midday couch lick has set in.”

  • “IM IN LOVE! this is for when you actually just wanna be STONED!”

  • “After 15 hours along with 14 gram / gram &a a half blunts, I could honestly say this strains lived up to it's wild name. Definitely a fantastic smoke if your looking to unwind and loosen up while keeping you in the mood to conversate or get a low energy activity going. Personally if I was going to run a marathon on Netflix or break in a new game this strain would be the move.”

  • “GREAT strain for the heavyweights. if your looking for a potent and beautiful strain look no further. captains cake just sounds like something you wanna smoke. then you smoke it and realize it's the SH*T. just smoked 3 bowla out of a beaker bottom bong and I'm ready to go. clear head high and while testing at 30% thc this did not have that harsh smoke. very smooth and very flavorful. nice buds covered in crystals wit...”

  • “My favorite strain at the moment, it's a nice strong strain that still gets me baked off a small amount even with my high tolerance. This strain also helps my chronic fatigue, anxiety, and insomnia so I can function and tackle the day. Cake is also perfect if you wanna binge watch movies or game for hours. For me it makes me get lost in music and playing music. If you have the chance pick up a 1/4 or two of Cake.”

  • “Great strain, was lifted up in spirits for over 2 hours on 1gr. Made me feel like i was 15 yrs younger!”