Cold Creek Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Great strain, very functional Kush hybrid. One thing though.....It's COAL Creek Kush, not COLD Creek.....Lets not start mixing/messing up strain names and all that like some high school kids, ok?”

  • “I have a undiagnosable neurological/muscular disorder. My muscles contract in small spasms, full body, 24/7. Over six years of trying different strains, finding something for the day has been difficult. Let me say that I dose myself during the day so that I can function. As a profession I day-trade. Modest dosage of this strain not only gives me pain relief but makes my muscles feel like they are relaxed more than...”

  • “Cold Creek Kush is from TH Seeds in Amsterdam. Great genetics: MK Ultra x Chem 91. (MK Ultra is G-13 x OG Kush. Chem 91 is legendary Colorado strain.) Won 2nd place in 2010 Amsterdam cup. Tastes great, sour and dank, pine and citrus, within the Kush family. Gorgeous buds, multi-colored, covered in orange hairs and crystal trichomes. Powerful buzz, expressive of its lineage. Medical uses: stress, anxiety, app...”

  • “Currently using the cold creek kush. An amazing strain with a solid high. Very uplifting and positive strain. Put me in the best mood on the worst of days. Also noticed it helped focus on writing a paper and concentration. Highly recommend this to anyone.”

  • “This is one of my top five strains. Gets you in a deep relaxation state. One of the best strains to listen music while high.”

  • “Great flavor and quite potent. A really relaxing strain for me that helps a lot with pain and just generally uplifts the spirits. A good strain for late afternoon or evening as it is fairly strong but it won't put you to sleep.”

  • “Has the head high of a sativa, with the body high of an indica. Great all around.”

  • “Smoked beautifully...I definitely felt cool, almost like a menthol, undertone. All in all this was very earthy and flavorful, highly recommend.”