Critical Jack Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This is by far my favorite strain ever! Totally relaxed my body but did not put me to sleep. I only smoked 1 joint with my lady while listening to some chill music and just felt overall amazing. I wasn't giggly or trippin or anything, I was just myself but a much more nonchalant version. Highly recommend this!”

  • “Nice addition to an afternoon walk. Very talkative strain, but leaves you clear-headed enough to think through mildly challenging tasks. Doesn't give you the sleepies after the high wears off, which is good. The flavor is nothing to write about, unfortunately. Would toke again!”

  • “I grew this beautiful hybrid last season, in Australia and boy was it strong and extremely fast flowering time. It grew to a three foot giant football sized, single headed, resin encrusted gem! Two rips on a bong and bam! A fast felt heightened cerebral and body stone effects! A five out of five in my books!!!”

  • “This is a pretty damn hard strain. Hard in the sense of "hard hitting". After a couple of joints, next thing you know your eyes open and you are experiencing a whole view on life. I smoked this at the top of a three story parking complex. After a couple of Crj joints, I thought I was on top of a skyscraper in an entirely other country. Definitely a quality strain. Apologies if my review is a little wonky/hard to read...”

  • “very happy. Bipolar and this cures it real goodm great satica. energized and focused and happy.”

  • “Some really potent stuff. Amazing from the first puff inhale extremly harsh. Started out as a really energetic high followed by a couch glueing indica effect that leaves me felling medicated. Would highly recomend.”

  • “I wasn't really as crazy about this as I had hoped to be, made my eyes heavy and my thoughts jumbled; also gave me a headache.”

  • “A bit difficult to pack a bowl, too resinous. Makes my fingers super sticky, makes me want to dab my fingers. A good AM cannabis”