Dieseltonic Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “This has been far and away the best stuff for my girls cramps. Great relief from it and you still stay awake, mostly. does pack a punch but you can do some things on it. pretty good taste and not too harsh. really hope I can find it again.”

  • “Wonderful strain to pacify even the heaviest anxieties. It is also superb for any body or mind pains you may have. The overall feeling was relaxed, but still in control. The most noticeable locations of the pain relief where my neck and head, although I had an apparent buzz around my body as well. If you are looking for a strain to "distract" yourself, this isn't the one. You are very much aware and functional during...”

  • “Just tried a batch of this and was not disappointed. It had me at first whiff! This girl had a super sweet, almost artificial, smell...kind of like Skittles or Starburst candy. Smoked real nice and smooth, full bodied flavor profile with a long-lasting sweet spot on the top of your mouth. Really, really enjoyable smoking experience. I loved the immediate pain relief received from the cannabidiol and the mental s...”

  • “Got some Dieseltonic & Cannatonic gear from Resin Seeds and was blown away by 100% viable plants! The Dieseltonic is an amazing plant to grow with one HUGE main cola finishing in 9 weeks. Needs little nutrients and a lot of support later in flower. The bag appeal is amazing with dark greyish green flowers, sticky to the touch and covered in trichomes. Even the large fan leave's 6 inch steams where covered with tr...”

  • “Got me outta no where it did😮”

  • “Great strain Keeps you uplifted and creative Although the graph doesn't show that it's a strong stuff, this guy will explode you”

  • “Great combo of THC and CBD, good medical relief.”

  • “I really liked this bud. Tasty, and did the job!”