Dream Star Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Dream Star, THC 24.06%, Leafly, 04-07-17 I bought 1/2 oz. of this about 2 weeks ago, along with a tiny and highly over-rated CBD water pipe that I paid $100 for. I've since smoked about 1/8 oz. and "down-graded" to a full-size $30 no-name glass bong that is far superior to the CBD piece, and I am still stunned by and a bit apprehensive of the potency of this strain. Ice & water Dream Star bong-hits deliver a head rus...”

  • “The smoke goes straight to your head and lasts around 20 mins. After that, the high goes from your head and into your body which gives it a nice "floaty" feeling. Highly recommended for all you canna-nerds.”

  • “There was a reason this was a top shelf bud, it hits amazingly and drifts you into bliss within the first minute. One of my top five strains! LOVE this stuff!”

  • “One of my favorite "happy" strains. Really nice uplifting high. Very stimulating. Nice dense buds from the local dispensary.”

  • “Euphoric as fu**! I lterally feel stress dissolve and get replaced w good vibes. great for hanging w friends or giving to music.”

  • “Blue Dream x Star Dawg”

  • “A full euphoric, thought-provoking, stress-busting kinda high with super smooth flavor. My shatter was from Ballpark Dispensary in Denver, Co”