Dutch Treat Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “One of the very best "calm you down, take a load off" strains. As long as I have been keeping track, this strain has been a favorite. Faced with 20-30 strains, almost always a choose this because it reliably calms, soothes and improves mood. Stress reduced, mind relaxer.”

  • hi2

    “Very very nice. Erases anxiety and puts you in a blissful, relaxed and uplifted mood. Late afternoon thru early evening would be the optimal times to induge, although I might try it in the morning just to see what it would be like when you're fresh... I would definitely purchase this strain again.”

  • “Dutch Treat #5 that is floating around the West Coast started it's path from B.C. seed breeder Jordan of the Islands. A Master grower in Bellingham WA. brought the seeds over to the US and grew all 10 of them. Word has it that these were some "special" behind the counter seeds that were offered to make up for a previous bad purchase several months before that wasted the growers time. Out of the 10 seeds that were l...”

  • hi2

    “Love Dutch Treat after work. Erases the stress of the day ... like it never even happened. Very relaxing and you can still function. As a matter of fact, it gives you a creative boost for the evening.”

  • “I'd heard a lot about this strain before trying it, so expectations were high, and I wasn't disappointed. The weed smells amazing - pine and spearmint, with a bit of earth. The smoke is light and gave me no urge to cough, and tasted of earth and menthol, with just a bit of piney hops in the background. Very nice. The high was also top notch. It began with a clear, very happy head-high. No fogginess and no racey sens...”

  • “One of the best Strains I have ever smoked... my favorite strain to grow hands down.... beautiful buds with high yield and great potency... would recommend to anyone who is a fan of indica dominant strains!”

  • “Came highly recommended from a friend in the industry. It's been awhile, but I remember it being a hit w/ my friends and I over the summer. As most have mentioned here, it's s potent Sativa dominant hybrid. It's maybe a bit too potent for my daytime preferences, in fact. I have anxiety, and find that strong Sativas like this one can actually make it worse. I prefer a more balanced hybrid like Cinex or Blue Dream. Tha...”

  • “i purchased this strain along with blue boy at seattle's greenhand. as i was participating in a charity-walk that weekend, i needed both a sleep-aid (blue boy) and a pain reliever with a minimum amount of energy-sap (dutch treat). i found dutch to be exactly what i needed. i utilize cannabis for the relief of fibromyalgia pain and, as i am a workaholic, prefer to have as little "high" as possible. this was a very ...”