Ecto Cooler Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Really surprised to see this strain on here. It's pretty rare, but worth purchasing if you're fortunate to find it in your local dispensary. Terpene spectrum includes orange, pine, and SKUNK! Mad trichome coverage which means it's sticky af. Super dense nugs! I felt gentle cerebral effects that were followed by a more potent somatic experience.”

  • “Very clear headed cerebral that allows you to focus without paranoia. Very giggly and upbeat. Great for depression and people who get anxiety.”

  • “Tastes and smells are gassy like a potent diesel or chemdawg type but theres some fruity undertones as well. I like the taste of this weed but I do not like the high. I love OG's and I like a lot of sativas. I can handle potency. But this weed just gave me a very cloudy headed high. It wasn't what I expected from the taste. Like a dull hybrid high. Maybe other people like it but I think its garbage genetics.”

  • “Best weed I've smoked in all my life. You get best of both worlds. Head high and a slight body high. Really sting euphoria with an upbeat aspect also. Love it. Will grab it every time I see it.”

  • “I saw this strain about 5 month' s ago at Tumbleweed in Edwards, co. Amazing!!! wish that Ghostbusters of A strain would return to Tumbleweed Ewards.”