Ecto Cooler Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Really surprised to see this strain on here. It's pretty rare, but worth purchasing if you're fortunate to find it in your local dispensary. Terpene spectrum includes orange, pine, and SKUNK! Mad trichome coverage which means it's sticky af. Super dense nugs! I felt gentle cerebral effects that were followed by a more potent somatic experience.”

  • “Tastes and smells are gassy like a potent diesel or chemdawg type but theres some fruity undertones as well. I like the taste of this weed but I do not like the high. I love OG's and I like a lot of sativas. I can handle potency. But this weed just gave me a very cloudy headed high. It wasn't what I expected from the taste. Like a dull hybrid high. Maybe other people like it but I think its garbage genetics.”

  • “With its sweet orangy pine taste and lemony citrus aroma, patients really enjoy Ecto Cooler not only for its unique flavor and cool name but for its uplifting effects. Patients say its fantastic for chronic pain, mood swings, stress and insomnia. You can now get this flower at Philadelphia dispensaries.”

  • “Usually a sativa fan, I break out ecto when I need to handle stress and calm down from getting too stressed, aggravated and angry. Creative and still able to be proactive, i am chilled quickly from aggravations and the resultant clenched teeth, muscle tightness, stress headaches and ease pain.”

  • “Clean taste off the dab of citrus with a dash of crisp apple and hint of chemical. I like Ecto Cooler around 5:00 PM when I put the Sativa away and start to wind down. Relaxing for mind and body without making me tired. Elevates mood and reduces stress. Clears mind of clutter. Thumbs up!”

  • “Happy euphoric and stimulating high. Good for chronic pain and increase in appetite.”

  • “Got it a few weeks ago and had mixed feelings about it. After getting more familiar with it I have to say this is a terrific strain. My flower was from Ilera at about 19.5% THC. It's a very pleasant high, doesn't make you drowsy and doesn't give you a speed rush. Very relaxing and mellow. A good early morning/mid-day vape. For any migraine sufferers, it might give you a headache.”

  • “The description if the taste nails it, a skunk dipped in orange juice, gasoline, and Pinesol. This is the only sauce I haven't had yet from the Ilera's an amazingly powerful little hybrid. ~70% THC .7% CBD I put mine in an empty vape cartridge, I am probably going to take some back out and eat does have major relaxing properties. Wanna stay productive, relax, and be in a good mood all ...”