Ewok Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Okay, this is officially my new absolute favorite strain -- gives a nice, full body high, good feelings, and not too much head fog. I'd get this one all the time if I could always find it.”

  • “haven't tried this after hearing the hype and the hype was right! The high left me feeling in a good mood and active. tasted good in my bubbler but the joint I had was way too hard for some reason. just a nice enough high to put you on Cloud 9, but not weigh you down. I have sensitivities to paranoia and sensitivities to not being able to sleep mainly with Indica strains for some reason. Well, this train did not both...”

  • “This stuff is a knock out. I've got such a high tolerance that almost nothing I've tried gives me that classic stone, but this one did. I first felt it in my forehead, followed almost immediately by a heavy drowsiness that I'd forgotten a person could even feel with my severe insomnia. And the anxiety relief as well as pain... This is seriously the most effective strain of cannabis besides Northern Lights that I'...”

  • “Ewok? This strain is so heavy they ought to call it Jabba instead! A powerful, knock-you-on-your-ass head high followed by deep relaxation and sweet slumber. I would like to comment on how long the effects last, but I'm always asleep with this one after about an hour.”

  • “Effects are similar to the Golden Pineapple but they arent as intense. I would recommend this for people who feel the golden pineapple is too heavy in the head. Great strain for chillin with friends. Felt very happy, relaxed. Couch lock was minimal and temporary. Definitely one of my favorites. Smell and tastes of pine!”

  • “This is Strain was so frosty looking as if it were coated with a light sprinkle of powder sugar. Amazing scent and smiled smooth with a slight tickle that just makes you wanna giggle. I smoke an hour ago and I am still climbing. 2 tokes from a one hitter. Great stuff! Great place too,Dockside in SODO”

  • “The Ewok strain is nothing like the stupid marketing ploy from George Lucas. This strain is something truly special. I vaporized this in concentrate form with and eclipse essential vape. It was amazing the surging body high mixed the and energetic head high. I smoked this before parkour workouts and it was amazing. Like I became The Man Without Fear.”

  • “Yes, yes, and yes -- I keep enjoying this strain time and time again, the balance of the effects are perfect! Not too much brain fog, plenty of body high, and lots of positive feelings.”