Frank's Gift Reviews

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  • “My favorite daytime strain. I make everclear tinctures for my fibromyalgia. It takes away the muscle spasms and pain but still able to work. Perfect THC/CBD ratio for me. I agree it's a bit hard on the lungs that's why I won't vaporize it. With the tincture it lasts 5-6 hours for a dose of 10 mg THC/21 mg CBD.”

  • “An awesome CBD dominant strain, that's great for pain, anxiety, and relaxation. I've seen cuts of this flower posting some extraordinary stats of cbd levels of about 16-20% and a nice moderate level of thc around the 8-10%. It provides a very pleasant relaxing body buzz almost immediately. Great daytime smoke. The buds were a bit fluffy and long. The color was a deep emerald green with bits of light sandy colored cal...”

  • “When I bit into a York Peppermint Patty... well, okay. When I smoke a bit a Frank's Gift I find I can accomplish almost anything! I've got muscular dystrophy and most of my days are spent in pain waddling around the house. When I use this, I feel fabulous! I was able to prance around the house with the animals like a fool and have a happy little buzz going. Seriously, this is a huge game changer for me. I don't have ...”

  • “I've always had issues with anxiety and paranoia with weed. Not with this beautiful strain! 4-5 hits and I'm numb of pain and feeling oh so good. Got major munchies on the Come down, but I guess that's just a normal weed thing! Ha!”

  • “Frank's gift is a new found favorite for me. The high comes on gently, is long lasting and does wonders for pain, anxiety and bowel spasms. With high cbn's, cbg's, cbd's and mild thc the high is mellow, giggly, and truly enjoyable. Would reccomend to anyone looking for relief with pain, stress, or restlessness.”

  • “It works well for pain & relaxation. CBD strains are not made to get you high. They are made for pain, anxiety, and other medical uses. They help calm any anxiety brought on by THC. I really like Frank's Gift as a CBD strain.”

  • “This is by FAR the best CBD strain I have ever tried. As a medical patient I have tried almost every cbd strain there is. Franks Gift takes away almost all my pain when my body is hurting. The cbd to thc ratio is perfect for me. other Cbd strains with no or little thc don't help my pain at all but Franks Gift has me feeling good again everytime. Glad I am in Oregon where it can be found!!”

  • “I would give it 5,with out seeing exactly THE Same NAME 4.IT IS A HIGH cbd‼️”