Game Changer Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “I've been an active smoker since 1993 and I must say this stuff is in my - best 3 ever(if not the best). It gives you rapid 100% positive feeling, will dig you out from the deepest shit and will make you happy again or much more happy if you already are. I have to stay focus at work most of the time and this strain helps alot, you become talkative but not stupid, creative with lots of ideas, different perspectives an...”

  • “This is by far not only the best strain that I have ever smoked but it is also by far the best strain that I've ever grown. I live in Sacramento and growing season was supposed to start early just like last season, and last season I planted my plant in EARLY February and it didn't harvest until early November like it was supposed to. So this year I did the same thing with my game changer and all of a sudden in April ...”

  • “this is my new favorite hands down. my wife says it smells like fruity pebbles, I say more like cheese with grapefruit and blueberry under tones. the name is perfect cuz it puts you back in the game almost instantly with pain relief and a euphoria that's very rare for a guy with high flower tolerance. amazing strain hands down!”

  • “Game changer is, IMO, another perfect hybrid; It's complex terpene profile assures patients that GC is capable of easing aching bodies, lifting spirits, and comforting anxious minds. Fluffy green and purple nugs and sweet offerings of fruity aromas make GC a must for enthusiasts who seek great aesthetics and 🍋🍏🍒🍓🥝🍍🍑 taste. Game Changer hits you fast and lasts about 30 mins before dropping you off for a pain fr...”

  • “Went out on a limb with this one and got it from my local delivery place, wow I'm glad i got this one, just one bowl and i can feel the instant relaxation of the muscles and nice tingling feeling overcoming me and im a heavy medicator. The flavors of grape and citrus are so fruity and pungent and when broken you can even smell a little cheese in there very great smell and smooth smoke def recommend.”

  • “one of the nicer strains I've smoked in a while”

  • “One of my top favorite stains to date! Before consuming, ask yourself if you are ready to have your game changed ?If the answer is yes. then you are in for a treat. I personally call this strain _The Real Rx for Adderall withdrawal. But is very effective in treating those suffering from depression and stress/anxiety. Made me super giggly, uplifted. and creative. Helps you to take interest in subjects. It has some re...”

  • “the most collest part of this strain in my opinion was when I started too dry and curing my buds. the purple flakes really start to glow so awesome I love this strain and its really a piece of cake too take care of as far as growing something manageable the high however will not make playing video games easier lmfao i usually do pretty good at COD however a few tokes out of the bong of this shit and your kill death r...”