Gorilla Glue #5 Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This strain is amazing, I am a heavy smoker and even I find myself very high with a little amount. Very potent, and comparable to the intensity of edibles if enough is smoked. Very cerebral and a strong sense of time and space distortion. I find that usually after smoking GG#5 I'm laying on the couch on my phone looking up information or documentaries. Makes you mentally alert in a way but physically truly (gorilla) ...”

  • “I've had GG #1 and #4 and all I can say is Gorilla glue #5 is by far the most potent. GG#5 doesn't hit you right away, but when it kicks in, it leaves me stuck wherever I may be at the time. I fell asleep on the floor because I was glued there. I didn't try and fight it and I went to sleep lol. it relaxes your whole body and gets rid of all pain that you might have. I have chronic tmj and I can't feel anything after ...”

  • “I found this strain to immediately start with a heavy head high especially around the eyes then before you know it you start to feel things sort of sort slow down around you and then body starts to become heavy too move around very good to smoke on any given occasion and I recommend for those who need to smoke at night to sleep this is a perfect downer ...”

  • “I have a high tolerance and I got as high as my first time”

  • “Gorilla Glue #5 has it's own uniqueness to the strain.GG#5 hit's you hard in to 30-45 min's session after medicating and your stuck in chair in daze. GG#4 hit's you immediately and your stuck like glue. I would use this strain with a migraine medicate then hot bath,relax and hope for sleep and pain.Gives you time to settle before GG#5 hit's you hard like a sledgehammer. 1/1 B.I.D. 5mg sublingual 0/10 anxiety 0/10pai...”

  • “I was much happier with this strain than some who reviewed this strain. I found this phenotype to be similar to GG#4 in its ability to give you initial energy to get stuff done. Like it's parents it will glue you to the couch. Unlike its parents, this one will have you growing roots out your backside into the floor. Very heavy come down. Great for after dinner/work strain. Very strong medicine for pain, insomn...”

  • “good earhy taste with a heavy body high.”

  • “Very balanced great run around green good hybrid for everyday and very crystally”