Grapefruit Diesel Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Immediately becoming a favorite of mine! The taste is amazing just like a grapefruit and gives you an amazing heady happy high! Tastey boat times my man !”

  • “Hello All, Grapefruit Diesel is a great strain that starts off a little buzzy but smooths out to an energetic creative head high. Helps with Anxiety & melts one's stress away and allowing you to set about your work or play time without being to buzzy. Take care, Tat”

  • “Well, first of all, the grower that supplied MedPotNow hit the nail on the head. Just for bag appeal I would give this strain a 10/10. Awesome showoff strain. Open up the jar and you will receive a room FULL of dankass sour fruit smell, of course with a side of skunk. Tight, long buds covered in orange hairs are tightly woven with flowers and tucked small flower leaves. Crystals are a brown sugar color and cover the ...”

  • “Tastes good and is an easy ride. It's like going to the park on Sunday. It's nice but you can have more fun doing something else.”

  • “smell: citrusy and sour taste: floral, with a citrus hint effect: very euphoric, uplifting, and focusing. it also helped relieve pain from the flattened discs in my back. the high lasted for hours, and the come down did not make me feel drowsy at all. One of the best dispensary meds I have had in Michigan!”

  • “Amazing Strain Award Goes To The Slowest Burning Bud The "Grape Fruit Diesel"”

  • “I am hesitant to try any strains that have citrus for fear of the terpenes inhibiting the joy of INDICA which, for me, is SLEEP. This smells insanely of sweet grapefruit and a note of diesel. The smoke was smooth and the euphoria and body tingles felt so GOOD after a long day of work. I also smoke strains I feel will put me to sleep or at least help me get quality sleep, this one was a 1-2 punch. Good stuff!”

  • “I also know this to be called Sour GrapeFruit, but this shit is awesome. Great smoke and great high!”