Hawaiian Trinity Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “Hawaiian Pakalōlō is world renown for so many reasons it would take plenty seasons to describe every vibe.  Hawai'i has very high humidity - as well as the high HI temperatures we know and love causing Hawaiian strains to develop an incredible resistance to mold along with massive yields! This combination is vital for patients wishing to avoid losses to mold and get massive amounts of medicine every harvest. En...”

  • “Another great strain to grow outdoors (big up Puamana Ohana!). Sweet yet pungent smell with soda can size kolas. My harvest is still drying and I am overly anxious to smoke it.”

  • “A funky flavor that is addictive like sour diesel, but not as harsh. The tropical notes are picked up on the exhale, but seem to dissipate after a few tokes. This hybrid hits right down the middle of the field. Hawaiian Trinity gives both some body relaxation, and mindfulness that unless you overdo it, you won't be couch locked. Don't let the lack of reviews cause you to dismiss this gem of a strain.”