Hellfire OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I got lost in my shower. I sh!t you not. This strain is *QUALITY*. Other than Blue Dream, I can't think of another hybrid that so nicely balances its sativa and indica characteristics—although this one may lean ever so slightly indica, while Blue Dream leans sativa. Best of all, I love its versatility. Great for daytime (I practically can't shut up) and evening (have you SEEN Westworld?!) activities.”

  • “"It's punchy. It's super good, but it just makes me hit people while laughing a lot but not in like a mean way, more like a way to grab someone's attention, but with force. Now I abuse my husband. Grade A smoke bruh." -DV. -this was my wifes review and I concur it makes her punchy. Really good though. Great relaxed high.”

  • “This is one schizophrenic, bipolar strain. First, it lifts you up and gives you nice burst of energy and motivation for about 20 to 25 minutes, almost like Green Crack or Moby Dick, and then it drops you on your ass on the couch like Master Kush or some kind of heavy Indica, and says "stay!" So, it makes you super social and talkative, and then you just want everyone to go home so you can watch a movie. Great for do...”

  • “Kind but hella creepy but in a nice way.”

  • “Kind but hella creepy but in a nice way.”

  • “Wow very impressed by this hell's fire by skord. The look is amazing. The smell is confusing because it smells mostly woody like coriander and slightly sweet. The smell is light on the nose. Yellow trich covers these yellow and some dark blue buds with tiny minimal neon green leaves hidden among the plush fullness of the nugs. Small few barely visible hairs tucked in the nugs. The trich is dripping off it. The smoke ...”

  • “The first time I tried it, I loved the smell at the dispensary so I was convinced to try a couple Gs. I went back the next day and bought an ounce! Beautiful buds, OMG! That did not prepare me for the wonderful sedation I was about to receive. When you're ready to lay back, relax and forget your sorrows and pains and become one with the wonderful world of couch potatoes, this will rock your world!! highly recommend...”

  • “Has my ass glued to the coffee table and my mind is exploding. No pain in my head, like someone is massaging my brain. Im chill And MEDICATED!”