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Hell's OG Reviews - Page 2

(f.k.a Hell's Angel OG)

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Not quite as good as Dead Head OG, but pretty damn close. Great for pain and sleepy time.”

  • “I just came across this strain at Florin Wellness Center in Sacramento and so far, it's one of my top 3 indica dominant strains. Hell's Angel has a wonderful full body buzz that really does wonders on pain. I smoke often and didn't find it as heavy as much as relaxing. I have anxiety issues and gotta say, it was super cool to see how calm it made me and I could still function without feeling like I wanted to veg out...”

  • “Believe what you read —> Hell's OG (f.k.a. Hell's Angel OG) does not disappoint! This incredible hybrid is a delight to your senses—as the aroma, upon 1st bud-pinch, is stellar+strong, sweet, grassy+berry intoxication of scents that really deliver & prelude to an other-worldly, candy-esque flavor + taste-so-sweet, you just can't stop! Icing on cake is the relief of pain, stress and anxiety —> making this 5-⭐️medicine...”

  • “From a .14g bowl of very dry bud in my vape pen,  about .06g, about 40% of what I packed got vaped, yeah I weighed it, this bud is caked in amazing oil laden trichomes. It's indica dominant traits will wipe away your pain,  worries,  and energy. It hits like a freight train, sending a tingly, heavy feeling to your limbs definately couch locking you for its durration.  Sedation is strong with this strain,  the high is...”

  • “25+ year stoner here... "holy shit" I mean.. No words... I I'm so f**king stoned!!!! lolol”

  • “This strain is top of the crop for the true conniseur. Hard to find so if you have the opportunity to get your hands on her I would "highly" recommend!”

  • “Wow. That simply says it all with just "Wow.". Called Hell's OG here in Las Vegas and was "middle shelf" at the dispensary I purchased it, and was well worth the price. I am 50 years old & have been using cannabis for 38 years and this is now in my all time top 5 strains. One medium bowl was perfect and it delivered a lightning strike like hit that instantly killed pain, turned off the "GAF" lobe in my brain, and...”

  • “So I'm up at da chronic spot and my original plan was to pick up sone key lime pie but they ran out. I was like, damn! then I got offered some lemon og but when they checked they didn't even have an eighth left .., then I got offered the hells angel og which was another one ive always wanted to try .. Got home, rolled up, & took a hit. That shit kicked in like mid joint as da mrs. & I were passin it back & forth .. ...”