ICED Grapefruit Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “grown well this bud produces thick and heavy nuts. The smell she gives off is delicious during flower. scents of grape then the grapefruit powers through. A good anytime smoke for me can leave me a little sedated tho after a toke too many and a head rush. good for pain and social activity if not abused”

  • “I have tried many strains to find this one. For me, it does more for my chronic nausea, migraines, pain, and stress than any other strain. Nothing else has come close. I found some that helped for awhile then didn't. This is my Energizer Bunny; it keeps working for me. Just one hit is all it takes to dampen pain and make it so I can eat. But, please don't buy it on the west coast. I need it all. I'm kidding. Just sav...”

  • “Ice cools with the inhale, Grapefruit complenting the smell and aroma more. Nugs, if grown well, should be dense, larger heavy triched, med length orange hairs brush over the bud & smell is a pungent, but cool and fresh stink. 4/5”

  • “head high, laughed alot, probably annoyed others”

  • “This strain is a hidden gem and admittedly have skipped on it many times due to the claim of benefits, and Sativa leaning label from leafly. The strain I got was definitely not a Sativa leaning hybrid but more a 50/50 and can be felt in the face, behind the eyes, just down right more indica. I would categorize this strain with Blue Dream as it can energize or relax you, but with a higher potency. Smells of sweet hash...”

  • “Not a bad strain. Picked up because dispensary was out of my regular strains. Hashy sweet taste. Dense hairy buds. High was happy, but a bit head strong for my taste.”

  • “good high, great taste, fant citrusy smell”

  • “Glad to see this strain listed! Nice Sativa Dom hybrid. Couple of hits do the job! Been around No. Colo. for awhile at Natural Alternatives for Health. Again, very nice strain when grown right.”