KC 33 Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “I really like this strain. Smellwise it has an amazing smell. Very citrusy and a little bit of mint. It has decent crystals on it and orange hairs as well. The high it gave me was indeed very euphoric. It gave me alot of tingles and I can see this strain being very good for pain management. It gives you a kind of "needles behind the eyes" feeling/high, which sounds unpleasent but honestly, I don't mind it. The full o...”

  • “Super oregon coast outdoor strain. Citrussy smoke done in early september...no shit. Does quite well in dryland farming techniques. Not thst strong but frosty and tastey.”

  • “Huge complex and dense coloungs frosty on the outside with a fresh lemony aroma and fruity finish. a great relaxer on the focusing side with a mild arrused appetite”

  • “very tasty really helped me with my pain.”

  • “Excellent strain. Big crystal frosted minty green looking nugs with fat leaves. These nugs truly smell and look beautiful. The overview For KC 33 states that the high stays in your head, I found that to be false I had full body effects with a very cerebral high, which I quite enjoyed. I like indica dominant strains and almost passed on this one for the reason it supposedly never leaves your head. The nugs were so...”

  • “This strain left me very tingly and euphoric. If you sit in a chair, you'll feel like you're glued to the chair, but then when you stand up, you feel like something is pushing you up. It's a very relaxing strain but not sleepy. It kind of just left me in a state of euphoria and tingles behind the eyes.”