Legalized OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Loud😵💨🌿👊🙏🙇😋✊👅Show You Right. In a Berry White voice.”

  • “competes for #1 in my book. hit to the dome and instant relaxation. I overthink and have anxiety and this is the true cure my friends! 😊”

  • “Great strain for chronic pain. Locks you up good, but doesn't glue you down. Taste is phenomenal, sticky green piney Kush. Really like this one because it does a great medical job and doesn't leave me paranoid.”

  • “Very crystalline nug, lots of trichomes, smells piney and musty with a hint of lemon, fairly smooth and definitely very potent, fairly active mentally but physically a couchlocked. Produced by seattle private reserve.”

  • “This is some good shit a must try if you like heavy hitting Indica's, has a unique pungent smell and flavor that is really sweet.”

  • “I'd been fighting pain for days when I got a gram of this at a place nearby, and boy... I opened the little bottle up and almost got high off the smell! I was smilin' before I even took a hit. Half-hour, forty minutes later, I was pain free and happy! I'd been in a depressed state for a while, anxious and disconnected, and this took care of all that and the pain and inflammation. I would DEFINITELY recommend this...”

  • “What an amazingly powerful and delightful strain with no negative side effects. I've found sanctuary in this strain.”

  • “I really enjoyed this flower. It provided a perfect combination of body relaxation and mind stimulation. I was able to focus and was feeling creative.”