Lemon Alien Dawg Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Mother fucking about time!!! Woo been asking for leafly to add this strain. ..reviewed it under alien dawg a few times. ..this grows so loud in your medical garden if you brush up against it in flower your partner across the says holy shit. ... top it and LST her for amazing yields of the most potent lemon smelling dense ass buds. . . I've had zero problems with hermies and likes the cooler temperature to express mor...”

  • “Tried this for the first time via Theraplant's Tomandi . Great thick; smooth smoke provides a 2-minute warning for amazing bliss and relaxation. Love this strain! Put on some music/movie; medicate; and melt away your stress...AAAAaaahhhhhhhh...”

  • “Vaped a loose bowl. About 1/2 bowl if it were packed. I am glad I went slow, a packed bowl might have been too much. Didn't hit right away but Felt Like a Full Bowl. Very lemony, smooth with a slight sharp musk. I got a strongly euphoric and very active high and felt I just *had to immediately get busy*. Folded all the laundry and socks even though it was not my job, and even enjoyed every minute of it.”

  • “Smoked this last night. Really smooth, with lemon/berry taste. Someone said there was s 2min warning, very true. So tote lightly first. Great for migraine relief. Gave me an extreme pep in my step...lol. One of my new favorites. Also you don't have the super munchies...”

  • “Let me just say first, I've never gotten so lit before off of one bowl. This weed has to be the best bang for your buck. A little goes a really far way with this. This strain generally has a high THC content compared to the other strains I usually smoke. It's brilliant. I feel productive, relaxed, happy, and have a great time while smoking it. The best way to smoke it in my opinion is in a joint taking small puffs...”

  • “Just love this dawg. ..so amazing .well this last night I got in my LAD jar that has a good long cure...turns purple and expressed cherry lemon flavor and more cherry smell then when grown or up to 5 months fresh. .well in my opinion. ..lit that joint for the Connor V Aldo fight lol needless to say the joint lasted longer then the fight. .CDXX has this”

  • “This strain has a beautiful citrusy aroma. Reminding me of a glass of crisp lemonade. The effects were outstanding. It was a perfectly timed with sunset after a long day in the sun.”

  • “Current favorite strain. Not super common around the Portland area however. Found this in the bargain bin at Bloom dispensary. Felt like a gentle neck massage. Love it.”