Lemon Wreck Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “One bowl of this and I've got full tard. I get so stoned that my brain starts shutting stuff down and I'm forced into a deep and wonderful night of sleep. When I wake, I feel amazing. This is hands down the strongest strain I've had. The only other strain that came close is called No Name (custom strain by this guy I know). This strain does make me a little dizzy and gives me a little headache. If not for tho...”

  • “Its a good head high very uplifting with a splash of energy. It does burn fast but overall is a good smoke. what one can expect from a lemon diesel and trainwreck combo. Would recommend for a mellow high.”

  • “Very hard-hitting strain. Smoked a joint yesterday and was very talkative and active for about an hour, good head high, but then felt so relaxed I just wanted to go to sleep. The body high hits hard. Lemony taste of course, very distinct. Buds are very light green and pistils are yellow. Very distinct smell, had the bag in my inner coat pocket and it stunk up the car, dank lemon smell. The cotton mouth is terrible,...”

  • “Lemon Wreck/Lemon Trainwreck is pretty intense. I've found that a single bowl in most occasions is more than enough to get a good buzz on. If you're planning to go out and do something today, then I recommend using something different, like Blue Buddha for example. Whenever I use LTW I get a pretty decent psychedelic high, and I noticed some issues when I was watching the Wilfred episode where he takes Ayahuasca. Th...”

  • “One of my favorite smelling and just as good if not better tasting. Fluffy (good) pretty sticky but still easy to break up. One of my personal favorites.”

  • “I took this weed and smoked just a bowl of it and decided it was too diesel flavored for me only a hint of lemon in aftertaste, but I made it into a cookie and man I was floating through school super nice. Decent weed 3.5/5”

  • “Made feel very beautiful and focused. I was at peace with myself and everything around me. While the rest of the world is in war, we remained the calm in the storm. Everything sound and everything still.makes music makes you feel and move in ways you never knew you could. Makes you appreciate simple things in life as artistic abomination without any certain purpose, but only really provide one purpose.”

  • “Good strong high for very little quantity smoked; great value. The body effects are a nice rapid onset and leave a tingling sensation which borders on euphoria; the mind is collected but eager to learn and discover, a feeling of creativity is apparent as well as the happiness brought about by the initial high. The come down is very mellow, leaving you relaxed and yet still capable of being up and active; though sleep...”