Lucky Charms Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Amazing strain. Tastes like breakfast cereal and looks like someone covered the buds with keif.”

  • “This weed has a very fruity scent similar to fruity pebbles but more citrusy. The high is an amazing indica high that is just super nice.. very very powdery fluffy lighty dry weed, so because of its lack of density im giving it a 4/5 this weed creates the most munchy feeling of any weed I swear I ate a mixing bowl full of lucky charms while high on lucky charms amazing... :”

  • “Huge, fluffy flowers. White and fuzzy--almost like sage in color and texture. Pleasant fruity flavor with a quick finish. The quality of the high is just what I'm looking for to de-stress from work to turn around and ACTIVELY parent 2 kids for another 5 hours before I can sit down and relax. Calm, contemplative focus. Able to sit and be calm when there's nothing to do and ready to go at the drop of a hat.”

  • “Amazing Sativa dominate tastes better than hearts, stars, rainbows, clovers and blue moons.”

  • “Very floral. Really good, clean high. Makes me a little loopy headed, but not in a bad way. Doesn't make me tired. Easy to focus on things......when you finally get up off the couch. Doesn't do much in the way of pain relief, more of a head high. Doesn't really induce hunger, I think I'm just ALWAYS hungry when I smoke it. Taste lingers for about 15 minutes after you smoke, nice.”

  • “Beautiful strain. When smoking it tends to make me just sit back and jam some King Tubby dub reggae and enjoy every last bit of it. I'm not experienced or by any means a guru when it comes to Lucky Charms. But the last eighth I had was killer. I got some great shots of it too.”

  • “In my opinion one of my top 5 favorites , lucky charms slowly calms the mind and relaxes the body. I did not feel stuck on the couch, nice balance of mind and body... Appearance and taste are amazing!!! Lime green fluffy nugs with White frost trichomes/terpenes / no density. Taste is very sweet/fruity . I recommend trying this strain at some point in life.”

  • “when ever i fell nausea and cant eat i smoke some of this then im hungry shortly after. dont really help with my joint pain , but its better then having to take pain pills. pretty dense and burns farelly long if not broke up ro much. makes me more creative instead of falling asleep. a bong with ice makes it taste really smooth. it doesnt help with all my Crohn's problems , but helps my anxiety and nausea and that i...”