Master Yoda Reviews

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  • “this is one of the most potent strains I've ever put into my body. it's almost 4:20 pm right now and I'm still high as all hell from my wake and bake this morning at 9am. I've been smoking solid for a year now and this is by far the best smoke I've had. it's a little harsh on the inhale but coughing makes you like 10 times more higher -Saul Silver”

  • “🔥⚠️🔥 FIRE ALERT 🔥⚠️🔥 Had this as a nug run shatter and the effects were unbelievable. This strain is literally the best about both of its parent strains. It's an awesome, but manageable head rush, it's incredibly calming, gets you laughing, and is a CREEPER! About 15 minutes in, it felt like my blanket melted on top of me and I couldn't stop giggling and wiggling around in it like a little noodle 🍝 Great pin...”

  • “My experience with Master Yoda has been very enjoyable. It offers a strong body high with obvious mental components that uplifted my mood and made me feel very peaceful and introspective. This is real "journey" medicine, great for meditating, visualizing, and listening to music, among other chill activities. The indica qualities weren't too pronounced, offering a good mix of sedative and energizing effects, as a gr...”

  • “Soaring! Very lifted, able to listen clearly to conversation, a bit focused, definitely a better mood now - today's the 6 month anniversary of my mom's death. Had a migraine, it dissappeared. I'm feeling pretty good. My homegirl and I use to smoke this shit when we was teens and. an it was good then and its great now.”

  • “Strain: Yoda (OG Kush / Master Kush cross -- Indica leaning Hybrid) THC: 21.26% CBD: 0.00% Location found: Slabtown Cannabis Proprietors Date purchased: 5.4.16 Price: $8.00/g (May the Fourth be with You sale) Weight: 1.0g Method of Consumption: Herb Iron and small bong Smell: This is my second strain in a row I have found with such outstanding highlights from some landraces I love. The Hindu Mountains can clearly b...”

  • “Ok... I took two and a half hits of this shit once and i was absolutely completely floored... Got a lil paranoid. Super intense In another world and everyone knows and is tripping high. WOW! Maybe it's just me and the fact that i hadn't smoked in like a week and a half but still! OMG! Don't care what anyone says... If you wanna just get ripped real quick for like 4 hours this is the shit to burn”

  • “Spectacular, intergalactic, and the master strain of powerfully relaxing, pain free, and mind blowing indica experience. Mega couch lock, extreme munchies, and your mind will definitely go on a spiritual journey. Crazy strain, a must try for anyone who loves indica strains!”

  • “Awesome bud with great effects and flavor. This is one of my favorite strains for dealing with muscle spasms and nerve pain. The force is strong in this one...”