Maui Bubble Gift Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Doesn't get much better than this. This is pretty much the only strain I will buy now because it's so perfect. Very cheerful high, and great for people with a ton of anxiety like me.”

  • “12.4% CBD 8% THC. Maui Bubble Gift (Maui Wowie x BubbleGum x God's Gift x Unknown). Currently, there is one grower in Oregon who is providing this high CBD strain to a couple dispensaries. I'm trying to make sure he/she shares this cutting so the cannabis community doesn't lose it. Any strain with a combined cannabinoid content over 20% is good medicine. When you have a 3:2 ratio of CBD to THC that just sweetens the ...”

  • “I am a new smoker, and bought some of this strain. I love this strain for a new smoker. If I smoke a little to much and I get to high It gets me medicated, but I'm not freaking out like some of the other strains I have smoked.”

  • “This is a really good medicinal day time weed that allows you to feel the medical benefits of the marijuana and not a complete over powerful high that you don't need in the daylight time. o enjoy being able to take long walks post-tokes of this strain, it helps both my tremors and ADHD as well as makes everything a little bit more delightful. Definitely one of my favorite day strains, and highly recommend if you want...”

  • “This does wonderful things for my anxiety and mood. Maui Bubble Gift gives me a calm stress-free happy-go-lucky feeling. It also is great for back pain and headaches. I recommend it to those sensitive to THC, as the CBD helps ease those negatives.”

  • “Subtle yet effective. It smells good, tastes good, and feels good. This is a wonderful strain that makes me feel relaxed without knocking me out. The near balance of THC and CBD bring out the best of both. If you're looking for mild euphoric bliss coupled with nice body benefits (e.g. relaxation, pain reduction,...), without overpowering effects, give Maui Bubble Gift a go. By the way, the lab results for the 'batch...”

  • “Migraine pain 6; nausea minimal when I medicated @ 0900. Takes b out 5 min to start working. Pain/nausea gone. Had so much energy got a AM workout in! Very creative/productive. Head buzz moderate but even/not too much. NO ANXIETY/PARANOIA (an absolute must for me). Body high perfect. Love me sum good worker buds; perfect for a Saturday morning! Highly recommend for daytime use! Maybe my fav next to Harlequin, Orange ...”

  • “This strain & the dispensary are top notch! Been having a lot of nausea issues since I had pneumonia this month. Head was just starting to hurt; I wasn't going to let it get worse. Medicated round 1900 or so. Couldn't taste much since I was smoking & not vaping. Takes less than 5 min to start working. Keeps coming for the next half hour or so. I was definitely relaxed & happy. Body high perfect! Pain & nausea gone wi...”