Michael Phelps OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “The most gassy OG I have ever come across, such a perfumey undertone of the black water cross. Best strain of 2015”

  • “it was a great strain but i smoked so much i was in a lazy mood all the time though........ amazing strain”

  • “5/5 - Michael Phelps OG The description here is pretty close - take a small dose and you can still function.. Take a few more hits to the dome and Indica effects start to take over. Then I take a few more huge rips and each pull feels like diving into a pool of pine scented bubbles. Tastes like smoking pine needles - out of a pine cone, then pine tar and pine sap dripping on the exhale. Sleep follows soon after. Ma...”

  • “I didn't really like the aroma it put off. But the sensation it had: euphoria, relaxation, and a good sleep made me love it. It's dank for sure. I'll be glad to pick this up again!”

  • “wow........”

  • “It was cracking. The aromatic aroma mixed with that chronic citrus that went straight to the chrome. Niggas fiending for the money, but don't want to pay a loan. South side boi look who dis guy domed over an iphone. Bararatataa ThAt good shit hmu if you Tryna smoke”

  • “Great smoke. Prepare for an amazing ride 💯💯”

  • “Great taste, great smell, very potent.. Love this strain. Couple bongs hits and its space bound.”