Mother’s Helper Reviews

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  • “Bought this from Nature's Wonder, and it was marked as 25.4% THC. N.W. rarely puts % on any of their flowers, so I got some and, DAMN! I took 2 hits off the pipe and almost immediately felt the effects. Pain gone, able to do the work that needs doing. Pleasant mood, no paranoia, no couch-lock. Be careful with this if you are new to MM, it could be a little much.”

  • “My brother and I both use this strain to medicate for a number of medical conditions. I suffer from debilitating migraines, anxiety, and depression. My brother has a traumatic brain injury and epilepsy, which causes him to have severe nausea and loss of appetite. Mother's Helper is both of our go to strain for daytime use. It relieves the pain from my migraines and eases the nausea caused by them, as well as helping ...”

  • hi2

    “I officially love this strain...,super uplifting. You cannot stop smiling. It's almost physically impossible. No trouble focusing and the mundane things seem interesting. If you're into anything comic, this would be a good time to focus your attention on anything humorous offered up by whatever media you prefer. This strain is an extreme mood shifter. You can go from from feeling blah to super euphoria with a f...”

  • “Great strain , smelled strong , filled the room lovely taste. Would grow this plant to make my house smell beautiful all day.”

  • “Mh is one of my new favorite strains. The combination of polar opposite genetics in crossing chocolope with Northern Lights #5 is PERFECT!! The plant also contains extremely high levels of CBG which is great for any patients suffering from aniexity and depression. Mh is truly a perfect 50/50 that definitely gives you the best of both world effects leaving you very happy and extremely energetic. Arizona Organix is my ...”

  • “Woke up with a headache and after 5 minutes using my Pax I felt better. Headache gone, feel energetic and want to clean my house! Love it”

  • “This I a MUST get for me anytime it's available. Gives me plenty of energy but also a sense of calmness, plus it tastes great. My favorite pre-work strain. Definitely a top 5 favorite for me!”

  • “Only recently started smoking and the cannabis shop I visited gave me one joint of this free for being a new customer. The smell was sweet and earthy and the taste was smooth and pleasant. Left me feeling relaxed with a light haze but still attentive, even at 10pm. The come down was smooth without any hard crash, leaving me in a state to peacefully go to sleep and wake up refreshed the next morning.”