OG Strawberry Reviews

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  • “Strawberry OG (OG Kush x Strawberry Afghan) sry pics still crash the app for me Looks:Well formed conic buds with a vibrant yellow tint and candy like red hairs sticking out. Lots of amber trichs, not your usual color scheme. Smell/Taste: I was a little dissapointed that it diddnt have more of a strawberry smell, the OG used was citrus diesel leaning in flavor, and that shows in this cross but with a slight starwberr...”

  • “love the way this strain starts off so strongly in your head yet suddenly you realize you have a complete narcotic body buzz going on. great smell and taste, very skunky aroma, and a berry taste. Got me high as a kite. helped relax my very tight muscles in my back and gave me a great night's sleep. I also found that it helped pique my creativity which is always a bonus. So - - good for pain, good for sleep, good f...”

  • “Strawberry OG has a wonderful smell & taste. Defently one of the best fruity strains I've ever smoked”

  • “this is a really amazing strain- strawberry og is a uplifting hybrid with alot of the sativa qualitys. this rich heavy bodied smoke accompanies a sweet mild tropical flavour followed by a gentle relaxing head high but with a nice full body buzz- it's a fun strain to ease out tension and anxiety and stress and combats those feelings with an uplifting buzz but not to strong - followed by a nice smooth landing that won'...”

  • “Very nice and mellow. It is a "Smoke & Net Flix" kind of high. Worked perfectly for my spine pain and quieted the demons called PTSD.”

  • “definitely a great strain for muscle spasms. I suffer restless legs and insomnia. I do feel numb in my legs but not as sleepy as I'd like to be.”

  • “high as fuck”

  • “really great strain goes down easy smoked it in the bukket prob gona sleep in”