Pink Kush Reviews

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  • “This strain is a miracle. I have been living with chronic pain as a result of multiple brain surgeries (the last of which caused damage to my neck and cervical vertebrae). Was taking up to 32 mg of hydromorphone a day and was still in pain. Havent used cannabis in 10 years due to a bad experience but I was desperate to get relief from my pain. Used some pink kush in a vaporizer this week and am pain-free for the fir...”

  • “MedReleaf's Sedamen. I have been vaping this at night for sleep with great success. Powerful body effects is accurate in the strain highlights. I recently decarboxylated some Pink Kush and take a .4 g caplet just as I go to bed. If I get up through the night to go to the washroom, I can hardly walk! Can't imagine how a prescribed sleeping pill could be better! I average between 7 and 8 hours of sleep per night. For s...”

  • “One of my favorites right now. It's a great twist off the legendary og kush so you know you're going to be in for a treat. The aroma in itself is enough to know this is some very dank herb. Pungeant, skunky, sweet and hashy aromatic terpenes penetrate the air. Through the vape I can appreciate these terpenes as they accompany the massive shot of THC this girl possessess. Once the body buzz settles in, which is very q...”

  • “Pink Kush has a harsh bite for smokers buy vapor connoisseurs will appreciate this strains sweet, earthy, skunky taste and deep lung expansion”

  • “I have been searching for the right one for awhile. I have always been against "medicating" myself with mj as the ones I've tried did not help me with any of my pain at all. Not until I found you. I have been suffering from neck/shoulder pain, migraine and headaches on a daily basis. I am so happy and glad I discovered pink kush! No more pain in less than 5 minutes! Then I get the munchies. Then I go to bed! I love t...”

  • “soooo good for anxiety. i've never experienced anything like this strain.”

  • “Picked up a quarter of pink and a quarter of blue cheese the other day from my dealer. The pink is seriously my favorite bed time and soothing/pain relieving strain. Also everything is extremely funny and hilarious. Smells like some sort of cocktail drink, or clean wet wipes. Has pink/brown hairs, definitely recommend this my friends.”

  • “Awesome hybrid strain. Buds are dense and covered in crystals, with small pink strands inside. Perfect for sleep, pain, anxiety, or just chilling and reading. At first, the high was uplifting and slightly energetic, with the giggles, bad. After about 20 minutes of reading, I am now stuck to my chair. Nice head high, followed by a slow rolling body stone. The best of both worlds!”