Purple Rhino Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Soo bomb I'm in a Euphoria! 😵 indica dominant. Powerful strain!”

  • “Taste's delicious! Fruity flavor that eases muscle spasms. 🍓🍒 LOVE it!”

  • “WOW!!! My husband made this into a tea for me to help combat insomnia. Not only was it the best sleep I've had in years, but it relieved my muscle soreness/stiffness as well. I felt pretty good when I woke up the next morning, which is really saying something when you have Parkinson's Disease. Truly amazing!”

  • “-BLACK BELT BUD- WOW! This shit is truly purple. I've never seen such a purple strain. The nuggets were almost black they were so dark in color. I hope I can get a good photo to ppost...”

  • “For me this strain helped my insomnia the most. PR is straight knock-out gas if you would like to go to sleep. it relaxes the muscles and eases mental tension as well. Give you the "I feel heavy, but I'm gliding around" feeling that is known with indicas.”

  • “Smoking it right now this is amazing”

  • “Wow got this example of power from CDXX Boutique. ..and damn this thing in low doses is the bomb. Getting ready to fight off sleep now. ..was real good around the bonfire and this same doob has been put out 4 times and shit each time it's been a heavy hitting beast. Low doses are best for pain management please remember y'all”

  • “Great hybrid strain Great for intercourse Smooth hits from the bong Not harsh. Available in clubs here in San Fernando Valley. -s600”