Purple Widow Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Absolutely Fantastic! This strain is very dense! The Bud: Compact, foxtails on the top some nugs can range from quarter to half dollar and even bigger. Purple pops out on smaller nuggets very rich velvet color. Gave them a tug and they don't budge impressive never seen these beastly structures before. The Smell: Kind of sweet, Earthy woody, kind of a nice funky aroma. The Palette: Interesting like sweet funky flavor...”

  • “I personally like this Strain because it helped me feel warm and relaxed when I feel super stressed. :3”

  • “A very sweet floral scent on a beautiful mix of light and dark green buds and orange hairs with little spots of purple . came with a very sweet taste and a quick and lasting head buzz while making your body feel relaxed unless taken in heavy doses then leaves you feeling a bit couch locked but also I've noticed a increase in appetite.”

  • “@chill_panda described it perfectly.”

  • “After smoking this light sticky flower for a couple of days I was really impressed by how happy it made me. I was very energetic and talkative. Took great care of my anxiety and stress. Only complaint I have is I wish it created more of the super high quality keef. Really powerful and tasted great. Would recommend.”

  • “More of a sativa person myself and this strain leans heavily towards indica. Nice body high and smell. Very quick couch lock, good for those xbox nights.”

  • “Great hybrid good awakening high never felts sleepy at all from this one dense buds and a great smell”

  • “excellent high very relaxing”