Red Cherry Berry Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I combusted .3 grams of Health For Life cultivated Red Cherry Berry in a glass pipe with an iso-butane lighter. The high was slow starting at first but crept along nicely into a even high between my body and my head. Within the initial 10 minutes anxiety was washed away, I was quite relaxed and grew a smile that's stayed on my face for the past hour or so. There was moderate pain relief but the more severe, chronic p...”

  • “I got some from Health For Life an it was outstanding, a great day time smoke no couch lock or sleepy effect. Great for work!”

  • “Not very pungent, but has a smooth earthy taste. After two puffs you can feel it hit you. Within 3-5 minutes you feel very relaxed and at ease. great for stress relief and anxiety. I literally felt as if I had taken a xanax.”

  • “It did the job”

  • “Pretty good strain, definitely above average. Very relaxing and creative, good to listen to some music or play a guitar. Hopefully, will have a good sleep too. Hit a bong, smoke a blunt and enjoy.”

  • “Overall a solid daytime strain.”

  • “Some of the best tasting bud”

  • “Plants have great yields - bushy beyond belief and flowers everywhere. Vapes nicely - smooth, slightly delayed effect. Strong effect but difficult to overdo it. Instant relaxation, sleepy after a couple of hours. Comfortable, more cerebral than body - no couch riding.”